Friday, August 24, 2012

Assagio Ristorante

Been meaning to drop by here since the beginning of the year but sadly, I can never make it because it would be fully booked or I just don't have enough peeps to dine with.Simple excuses that have delayed me until last weekend. Despite ringing a couple of times to change my booking arrangements, the staff were very courteous and patient with me:)

I arrived here slightly before 6pm (opening time) and was welcomed in by one of the waiting staff and promptly seated at my table.

This gave me an opportunity to click away at their modern interior decor. I was fortunate enough to be seated near the kitchen, with an ideal view of what goes about in there. The chef would occasionally glance at me to which, I would immediately look elsewhere, pretending to not pay any attention to his activities hehe.

We started out with their house bread, served with a choice of olive oil or vinegar. Freshly baked, crusted on  the outside, soft on the inside and a tad warm to my delight.

Sorbet to cleanse your palate prior to the mains.

One of the night's specials.

Filetto Di Manzo Con Sugo Di Nebbiolo~ beef medallions on soft orange scented butternut pumpkin, served with roasted garlic, mandarin and chilli sauce, accompanied by broccollini. Looks delicious and was cooked exactly as what my friend ordered:)

Linguine Alla Pescatora~ shellfish, prawns, mussels, whitefish, garlic, chilli and exra virgin oil. I like my pasta very much, especially with fresh added seafood. Pasta was not clumpy and everything was well-seasoned.

Overall, I have enjoyed my dining experience here but I secretly envy diners who had desserts because it looked soo good but I just couldn't fit anymore in me:( I will drop by again and sample their notorious lobster soup and have one (or two) desserts and maybe order their gnocchi too, just because I am such a potato freak hehe.

Thank you for a lovely dining experience, Assagio!

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