Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ba Guo Bu Yi

Chinatown's one of my favourite places for affordable and good food, especially when I am on a tight budget! This is probably one of the newer kids on Gouger Street (but they have been around for at least 2 years?) and although the pricing is a little more costly compared to other places, their dishes are truly unique and yummy.

Fish fillets in chilli oil~ one of the chef's speciality and you can choose from a medium or large size. I do caution diners to avoid biting into the little peppercorns because when that happens, it will sting real bad. But other than that, enjoy!:)

Tofu in salted egg sauce~ I can't recall what's the name of this dish but it is non-spicy and has little chunks of salted egg in it. Goes perfectly well with a bowl of steam rice:)

Pork served with sliced spring onions, cucumbers and a plate of warm pastry~ the idea is to wrap the meat and veges in the pastry. It's that simply and best of all, is similar to the Peking duck's concept but less costly:)

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