Monday, August 13, 2012

Second floor lounge

Have heard about this place a while ago but couldn't find it's address and now that I have found the address on urbanspoon, I can satisfy my late night sugar cravings (place opens until 1am).

This place does have the cozy vibe to it and somewhat reminds me of the late night mamak shops (big plasma TV and open air seating area). I have not tried their savoury dishes yet but I have tried their desserts and have to admit, the durian desserts are pretty darn good;)

Durian creme brulee~ everything you want a creme brulee to be. Smooth texture, no egg-y aftertaste and a glossy sugar layer on top.

Durian eton mess~ I am not usually a fan of eton mess as I find some of them a little too sweet for my liking but this one is definitely not! It has a really rich durian taste which is just unbelievable. How did they manage to gather so much gold durian here? Is that even legal?!! Haha

Pandan waffles with sliced strawberries and vanilla ice cream~ I had this after nibbling too much on the durian desserts so I couldn't really taste much pandan flavour. Am disappointed in myself but I would certainly be back to give this another go;)

Missing durian already? So what are you waiting for?:)

Second Floor Lounge on Urbanspoon

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