Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dessert Story

Meet the newest kids on the block! From what I have gathered about all the buzz with this place, I knew I had to drop by! Embarrassingly enough, there is a similar concept going around in Malaysia for a few years but I was never bothered then!

The good thing about this place is that it is open most of the time and on certain days, it is opened up until 1am! However, this place can get crowded so be patient if you are in a hungry mode like yours truly;)

This is their signature dish. I don't know what's it called but there are pictures in the menu to help you find it;)

Sweet potato and tapioca cubes, pearls, herb jelly and crushed ice. I obviously have no idea how to describe this dish but it is quite textural and the tuber cubes are simply delicious. Probably not the best dish to have for winter but I'll make an exception this time:D

Tofu with peanuts~ not as sweet as the ones in Malaysia but would be good if sugar-y goodies is not your cup of tea:)
I told you the menu had pictures in it. Isn't it customer-friendly, especially for someone who likes visual guidances like me?:)

Another signature this but this time, its with pearls, chocolate mousse jelly, mango jelly, herb jelly and  crushed ice. Not much chewing involved here but I do like the mango jelly here. It's deliciously refreshing!

The decor's really red (in my opinion). Reminds me of Chinese New Year venues:p

Tofu with sesame soup~

Red bean soup with lychee jelly and ice cream~

Penguin-ed shaved ice with peanut toppings~ If you do try this out, you'll be as shocked and amazed as I was. The shaved ice doesn't feel like it was shaved but rather, made into fine thread like fibers which melts from the warmth of your mouth. This is my absolute favourite flavours amongst all the shaved ice variations.

The shaved ice magically comes from a penguin machine, of which, I have never seen before but I plan on investing in one in the future. Please do let me know where can I purchase this little fella:)

Peanut soup~ something warm to fill you up:) Not overly sweet nor grainy and had the right amount of peanut kick.

Shaved ice topped with mango jellies, pearls and mango syrup~ a truly textural dish. The pearls do pop in your mouth (like fish roe) and the mango syrup is just yummy. It may be sweet for some people though..

Shaved green tea ice topped with red bean chunks and red bean syrup~ a healthier option as it isn't as sweet as the others but still tasty at the same time.

Desserts, fast food style:)

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d @ dbites.com said...

Wow, you got to sample so many of their desserts! I'm still trying to find time to give this place a go! Their desserts look and sound different, I'm definitely intrigued!

Michelle said...

I went there on a few occasions with friends and somehow managed to snap some pictures before everything gets devouredxD Although I don't think it is as good as some places in Malaysia, it certainly satisfies me:))