Monday, August 27, 2012

Nanna Hot Bake

More posts on Adelaide bakeries and this time, we are at the humble little shop in a tiny corner in central market. Whenever I am here, I tend to reminiscence about the good ol'days, nibbling away at no-fuss buns made by a few traditional bakeries in Malaysia.

Back then, croissants, macarons or brioche were uncommon items and were probably deemed luxuries for a  kid like me. I can still recall peering into western pastry shops and glancing away at all the beautiful goodies. Who knew that after all those years, I somehow had cultivated a craving for the less extravagant pieces and constantly find myself in search for something closer to home:)

So back to this little bakery. As you can see, the shop is tiny and takeaways are preferable. You do get the option of having them microwave your purchases so that you can savour the moment sooner!

Sizzling pork bun~ delicious and at less than $3, it's an excellent and costly way to fill yourself up:)

Coconut spread bun~ this reminds me of "kaya" (Malaysian egg custard spread) but in pandan flavour. Not overly sweet and the filling is just right. My ideal snack, especially when I'm on the run:D

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