Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cafe Bravo

Brunch is always my favourite meal time as I rarely have breakfast (can't be too bothered to wake up early!) and its an excellent excuse to binge on something hearty:)

Went here for a quick lunch with my sister as she had to work in the afternoon and I was starving. Service was prompt despite the place being quite busy and in terms of portions, very generous:)

We were provided with a couple of bread slices and butter to keep us occupied while we hungrily await our main courses to arrive.

Pasta with smoked salmon, shrimps and avocado in a cream based sauce~ superb huge portion with generous amounts of fresh seafood added. Food came out piping hot from the kitchen and well-seasoned.

Pizza topped with ham, cheese and pineapple chunks~ no idea why but just around everyone I know would order this pizza variation when I dine with them and so, I do have a tasted a fair bit of this pizza before. I do think it stands just as good as the rest that I have tasted: fluffy pizza dough, generous portions of toppings and everything well-seasoned. We ordered the small sized pizza and it was wayyy too much for both of us to handle!:D

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