Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chocolate @ No.5

This is probably the third time I have been here, not that I don't like it but purely because it's quite a distance to travel. But because I don't come here often, each visit is a little surprise for me as I have no idea what to expect (I want to taste everything but I can't!).

Unlike most dessert cafes in the city, this is probably the least explored place for me. Went here with the boy last weekend and I am amazed at what little treasures I have found here:9

Tanzania (75% dark chocolate) and milk chocolate bars:) Delicious and so pretty to look at!

Iced chocolate drink~

Chocolate croissant~ chocolate overload. Two of my favourite things in the world, matchmade in heaven (or N.5, in this instance). Freshly baked croissant topped nicely with chocolate. Was amazing and surprisingly, not too sweet! :)

Tiramisu~ Does not have as much caffeine-infused into it but what I really like is the chocolate mousse (I think) layer on top which was textually different from the mascarpone cheese layer. Slightly more firm but still easy to scoop:)

On my next visit, I am going to sink my teeth into their chocolate mud cake and waffles (sounds sinfully yummy!!). Can't wait for it!

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Spencer said...

What a great selection of pictures. Those desserts look amazing. I would so love to try some.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your kind words. They are delicious and certainly a must try if you are in Adelaide:)