Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Corlam Kitchen, Glen Waverley MELB

Last Wednesday had to be the worst day in 2016 for me on various accounts. Call it back luck if you may and when things turn sour, I tend to crave for a hearty meal that can instantly, yet temporarily, take my mind aboard a mini holiday. Similar to binge eating but not to the same extent I suppose:p

Weather was dark and gloomy, impelling me to steer clear from getting behind the wheel. Decided on a short walk up the road towards the row of restaurants/ cafes located along Blackburn road. Studied the menu, placed our orders and resisted the temptation to order too much.

Rice with 2 meat and 1 veggie - for $10, this filled me up pretty well. There were about 3 different types of vegetarians curries and about 5 protein packed curry variations. Each curry had its own distinct flavour and was not too spicy to my liking.

Currypuff - a little soft in my opinion but perhaps because it may have been prepared early in the day. Nevertheless, still a tasty little treat to kick start the meal with.

Hoppers - I find that trying out something new, be it a hobby or edible item, indirectly lifts up my mood. Never had hoppers before and found it a very interesting dish, for the fact that it's akin a really fluffy piece of roti, heavily infused with coconut cream.

Oh and comes with a serve of curry too:)

Roti with lamb curry - at this stage, it was more likely that both of us were binge eating after a horrible day. This roti was let down by the lack of crispiness but on the flip side, it is a pretty big piece of roti that would suffice me for 2 meals.

Roti bom - generously dosed with condensed milk, coated with sugar and topped with butter, we found this a little too sweet and textually thick. Still managed to finish every last crumb on the plate but may have to consider saving more tummy room in the future.

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