Saturday, August 6, 2016

Europe: Confiserie Sprungli & chocolate souvenirs, Zurich SWITZ

As the sister and I transported ourselves into Switzerland, we were blown away by it's emerald toned greenery, mountain tops that are coated with a generous dusting of snow and crystal clear waters that sparkle under the glorious sun rays.

Needless to say, this view was still visible from our hotel room and throughout our walk around Zurich. In contrast to the almighty Swiss scenery, the sister and I braced ourselves for a darker, sinister Swiss trademark, fondly known as chocolate.

Confiserie Sprungli has been operating since 1836 and at one point, was associated to Lindt & Sprungli, which most of us would be familiar with from our local supermarkets. Priding itself as a luxury chocolate brand, it's products can only be found in Switzerland - take note if you are here;)

Located on busy Bahnhofstrasse, the ground floor of the establishment is utilized as a shop whereby customers can freely browse the various selections of artisan chocolates available as well as get takeaways on their famous luxemburgerli (a smaller and lighter version of the French macaron)

When in Rome, eat as the Romans - so we treated ourselves to a decadent piece of chocolate ganache cake. Velvety smooth was the dark chocolate ganache and may be quite rich for some. Not a problem for us, thankfully.

Hot chocolate drinks, why not? I usually make conscious decisions on my chocolate intake because it can give me breakouts but hey, indulging in it every now and then won't hurt ey;)

Luxemburgerli - alas, we met with the French cousins and it was a delightful one. Definitely a lot more aeration in the shells and the buttercream filling is fluffier.

A slice of citrus cake to freshen up our palates. Still a pretty good piece of cake even if its not drenched in chocolate.

The day's damage did not end in the cafe. With our filled tummies, we slowly adjourned to the shop and picked up a few souvenirs for family and friends back home.

Oh and did I mention that there are quite a few unique Lindt chocolate flavours available in the supermarket? We picked an interesting looking kirsch filled edition as gifts for the alcoholic ones. Am not exactly a fan of liquor in my chocolate myself and found this a little too strong to my liking.

I tend to favour fruity flavoured chocolates instead and liked this mango version. Wished I had bought more. For those who are unable to purchase these whilst in town, there are Lindt kiosks in the airport - hard to walk away from Switzerland without it!

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