Monday, August 29, 2016

Mocha Jo's Burger Bar, Glen Waverley MELB

As we slowly creep into spring, the weather is becoming increasingly pleasant; almost too good to believe that us Melbournians have endured a good two months of bitter cold nights. Striking whilst the iron is hot, last Saturday was a good time to bask in some sun light despite the occasional chilly breeze that seeps through every so often.

The menu is not extensive but I did struggle to pick THE one because just about 80% of the menu appealed to me. After contemplating for a good 5 minutes, our order was placed and we patiently await our meal.

Only downside was the guy who took our order wasn't exactly friendly or feeling chirpy, not entirely sure why? No smiles and just the slightest eye contact. Had to raise my voice a lot because he was too far away, both in counter height and distance and made no attempt to try at all:/

Chips - I am unfortunately, very much addicted to anything made of potatoes. Two thumbs up from me for a balanced amount of seasoning coating the crispy chips.

The Texan - wagyu beef patty, cheese, lettuce, onion rings, jack daniel's bbq sauce, fried jalapenos, tomato, bacon, pickles and mayo. From the picture below, you may be able to estimate the size of this burger, made taller by the incorporation of fresh ingredients. The lettuce leaf had no discolouration nor was it miserably limping but rather, it was fresh and still crisp to bite.

Do note - this is a very juicy burger and best consumed soonest possible else you end up with a soggy burger.

The souther cali - double fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, bacon jam, chipotle mayo and tomato. Decided to be creative and make this a foodpornographic shot. I think I did the burger justice, no? Loved how the chicken was still moist and had a good size to it. Not a big fan of stingy cuts of protein in my burger and I can vouch for this one to be legit!

Overall, very impressed by the quality and construction of each burger. Would like to see more seating area for patrons but maybe in the future?

Current status? Drooling as I pen my thoughts.

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