Monday, August 1, 2016

Europe: Wandering Mont St.Michel FRANCE

An island after a tide located a few meters away from land, Mont St.Michel was initially utilized as a fort, unique to Normandy and later on, as an abbey. One of the few places in France that I was looking forward to visiting!

Visitors have to utilize the free shuttle bus to get to the island as cars are not allowed to pass a certain point. Be mindful that there is only one shuttle bus heading in each direction and can be crowded with other tourists. The sister and I managed to get back to our travel bus after 1 hour as we got held up waiting for the bus:S

I would love to revisit this place in the future but probably will allow myself more strolling time. Mont St.Michel is also renowned for its omelette which is a crossbred between a souffle and an omelette. It is priced rather exorbitantly from where it originated from and so, we did not end up trying it. However, we both agreed that the crepes here are amazingly light, fluffy and delicious especially on a cold day.

Another specialty from Mont St.Michel would be their agneau de pre-sale aka salt meadow lamb which have a saltier but much more tender texture as compared to other types of lamb. Ours was delicious albeit the poor service that we received in the restaurant (which also explained why we got to our travel coach pretty late - oh wells, never mind).

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