Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tim Ho Wan, CBD MELB

I am not usually one to follow food hypes, especially if it comes with a hefty price tag. Having tried the real deal is Hong Kong, I was pretty reluctant and adamant on my decision of not heading here anytime soon.

However, when it comes to most group decisions, I am opened to suggestions and played along to anything in the name of simplicity. Which led me here for an early Sunday dinner - crowd avoided, yes!!

Service is efficient - tick your choices on the ordering sheet, ring buzzer for attention and wait.

Fried radish cake - One of the Heavenly King's recommended items, this did not disappoint. Whilst some types of radish cakes are extremely doughy due to excessive incorporation of thickening agents, this one had a pleasant soft yet firm texture. Thumbs up.

Steamed cake - made of brown sugar and steamed to perfection, I loved every bite of this fragrant sponge cake and would gladly finish it off myself.

Spring rolls with pork and shrimp - much more dainty in size as compared to what I had expected but still tasty nonetheless.

Congee - flavourful and tummy-warming especially on a cold day.

Silly me forgot to snap a good picture of the top selling item here which is their BBQ pork buns. Think of the beloved Hong Kong polo buns but with a savoury filling. Highly recommended and perhaps consider ordering two plates if you are feeling peckish.

Osmanthus jelly cake - one of my favourite memories from Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong and still my favourite today. Loved the subtle tea aroma infused into the jelly.

Overall, you will be looking at paying $1 to $2 more per dish as compared to other eateries. Not many options to choose from yet at this stage but rest assured, the quality of every item is commendable and for first timers, it is worth a visit.

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