Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Europe: Snacking in Warsaw POLAND

After WWII, Warsaw was completely flattened to the ground and the city had to be reconstructed from there forth, something that you may not expect when wandering around this city. What one does not have in terms of metropolitan appeal, one shall make up for it with a lasting impression on the palate.

The sister and I first came across pierogi, a beloved Polish dumpling, we had the savoury option. After hearing much raving about a blueberry version, we decided to give it a go as we strolled around on our last night.

The verdict? A sneaky squirt of blueberry juice rocketed itself at me as I pried into pierogi but thankfully, did not make it far across the table. Still can't get my senses to agree with me on a sweet-ish dumpling but hey, it was strangely addictive and the addition of hot cream toned down the berries' acidic nature for an overall subtle outcome.

One of the perks of walking around aimlessly would be discovering unexpected sights along the way such as an E.Wedel confectionery cafe. For the chocoholics out there, do not miss an opportunity to pop in their original shop located on 8 Szpitalna Street - lovely ambiance and service:)

We ordered a few individual chocolates from the front counter and boy oh boy, were each chocolate silky smooth and creamy. Also had a few chocolate shots and each one was yummy:) Last but not least, chocolate crepes filled with whipped cream. Overdosed we were on that very night.

Our local tour guide pointed out this shop to us - rumour has it that celebrities flock here when they are in town because it's truly a league on its own.

For those unfamiliar, paczki is the Polish version of a doughnut that is often topped with candied citrus bites. Each paczki costs about 2euros but after 5pm, it does become half priced. Even the sister who is not usually big on sweets made an executive decision to grab two of them after gleefully stuffing herself with it in the morning!

Wawel is also another Polish chocolate company to watch out for. Easily accessible in supermarkets, the sister and I grabbed a blueberry flavoured chocolate block as a travelling snack. Not as smooth textured compared to E.Wedel but was a bit more affordable and comes in an assortment of fun flavours. Don't miss this:)

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