Monday, August 1, 2016

Europe: 48 hours in Barcelona SPAIN

Barcelona was the first Spanish country that the sister and I set foot at to begin our European adventure. Having heard of numerous pickpocket stories, I was extremely cautious with my belongings and surroundings to the point whereby it probably tipped over the point of paranoid.

To be fair, I do carry with a bulky bag filled with 2 cameras, one camera lens, my wallet and travel itinerary plans. Doesn't sound like a lot but trust me, a day of lugging it around would give you sore shoulders.

On the flip side, Barcelona did turn out to be crowded, as expected, but there is something about this Catalonia city that is alluring - could it be the Gaudi inspired architectures or the lively night fiestas or even the idea of tapas with a good drink on hand?

Sangrada familia - you have not been to Barcelona until you have visited this Gothic meets Art Nouveau designed church. Still in the completion stages, one would have to brave the queue to get into the building, which can be easily avoided by pre-purchasing tickets online.

Casa Batllo - Owned by the Batllo family, this iconic monument is another one of Antoni Gaudi's creations and the aim of his design is obvious: to be creative and unique, hence the wave like building structure decorated with a mosaic of ceramic tiles.

La Boqueria - for every foodie, this is a must despite it attraction mostly tourists. For one, you will get a good selection of Spanish food all under one roof and it is priced very reasonably. The sister and I both loved the freshly prepared juices that comes in an assortment of enticing colours.

Park Guell - This park was originally a housing establishment that saw a few adjustments from Gaudi and voila, you have yet another intricate looking piece of art. Overlooking Barcelona, this park does take a bit of travelling to get to but rest assured, you may possibly spend your whole morning marveling at it:)

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