Monday, August 8, 2016

Europe: 24 hours in Bern, SWITZ

The sister anticipated us being exhausted after more than 7 weeks of travelling around Europe and so, had planned for our trip in Switzerland as a relaxed one to recuperate ourselves. We missed out on seeing the Swiss Alps and instead, decided on a leisurely Bern day.

After a good 12 hours of sleep, we headed out to Einstein's cafe for breakfast, which reminded me of Melbourne's growing coffee/ hipster culture. The sister was keen on bircher muesli aka overnight oats whilst I fancied an apple cake.

As we filled our tummies, we also spent some time browsing through tourist pamphlets obtained from the information centre. Loved how fresh the dairy products are here and how my worries were gone at that moment.

After breakfast, we strolled around barenplatz, admiring Bern's intricate infrastructure line that seems to be a jumbled mess although not quite really.

I can imagine a life up here, away from the hustle and bustle of a city, and best part would be being able to run around exploring new grounds to my heart's content. Snacking became our ritual for trying out items that catches our eye and so, here's proof in the form of artisan milk chocolates.

For dinner, we visited Restaurant Anker for some cheesy goodness. Love or loathe it, this one is probably something not local that every tourists may want to consider trying.

As a precautionary, food prices are much more expensive in Switzerland as compared to other European countries so don't faint when you see the menu. This bowl of molten cheese costs us CHF26.50 / $aud36. It was rich and hence, filling but not sure if it's something I will have again on subsequent trips.

We also ordered a beer to share and a plate of potatoes drenched in more cheese. Not too sure what inspired us to order this dish but hey, at least we were having a good time giggling the day away.

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