Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Europe: Westin Hotel Warsaw POLAND

The sister and I were fortunate to have toured with Trafalgar throughout our trip in Europe and yes, we were indeed spoilt by the wonderful accommodations that we call home for at least a couple of nights.

To date, I have not blogged about my hotel stays before but I feel, it's worth a mention especially for those planning on self-guided tours. So here goes:)

We stayed in Westin Hotel whilst in Warsaw and it is fantastic for business travelers or those seeking a luxurious feel during their holidays. For one, the elevator gives you a bird's eye view of the surrounding area and it does travel quickly so no time wasted waiting for it.

Our beds were apparently cloud beds which, according to our tour guide, conforms to the shape of our bodies, giving us maximum comfort as we nest ourselves in to relax. Bonus points for fresh scented sheets and 3 pillows -Being a quirky individual, I like to be surrounded by pillows haha.

I usually try to get sufficient exercise whilst I am travelling and so, having an easily accessible gym is utmost important. I love how the room is spacious and equipments are regularly wiped down.

Breakfast is another standout to me. For one, there is a good variety of items at the buffet table. The sister loves indulging in traditional brekkie items such as bacon, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and possibly a side of cheese.

I on the other hand, prefer to use breakfast as a time to replenish on my greens.I love the freshly blended smoothies available in miniature glasses, ready to be gulped down. Nothing beats the aroma of a brewed cup of tea in the morning and I must say, I love the selection of teas available to get me buzzing in the morning.

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