Thursday, August 25, 2016

Spicy Fish, CBD MELB

The cold weather has once again struck Melbourne with it's deceivingly sunny but rainy days. I much prefer winter to summer mostly because when the temperature drops, I can feast on spicy food to keep me warmed!

Early Sunday dinner which meant no bumping into long queues of customers and food arrived at our table 10 minutes after placing our orders.

String beans with minced pork and black bean sauce - I was a bit disappointed with this dish as it was quite salty to the point where my lips began to crack and turned into a light pink shade. This is my body's defense mechanism against food with high salt content and so, I couldn't bring myself to finish it. And I dislike wasting food too:(

Fish fillets in chilli oil - their signature dish which came out of the kitchen lukewarm. Generous amount of fish fillet served although the chilli oil needed a little more oomph from under-utilizing those fiery Sichuan peppercorns.

Salt and pepper deep fried soft shell crab - I love soft shell crabs and wanted to fall heads over heels with this dish. Unfortunately, I found it too salty to my liking and am also not a fan of it coming out lukewarm from the kitchen. Tasty dish and could do much better with some minor tweakings.

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